MacKenzie’s Thoughts on Hugs
5-Star Rating on Amazon

“A perfectly huggable book!”
“Speaks to the hearts of us all”
“Hugs are always available to us”
“Loved this wonderful story, what a GEM!”
“Interactive story telling”
“Who knew hugs had so many different meanings!”
“A Vibrant and experiential learning writing!”
“Sweet teaching on self-care and great illustrations”
“Add to your classroom library”

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Speaks to the Hearts of us All. “This is a wonderful book for a variety of audiences… For children, it invites them to consider all of the things in their lives that make them feel loved and hugged. For adults, it can bring back memories of childhood, recalling favorite things which made them feel good and warmed their hearts. For educators, it provides a perfect springboard to serve as a writing prompt for students to reflect and describe a personal and loving experience with something that made them feel “hugged.” Further, the wonderful illustrations reflect the heart and joy of the main character, Mackenzie.” (Jollie C.)

Loved this wonderful story, what a GEM!!  “Thought this delightful book could be used by Psychologist, therapists, nurses, caregivers and the list goes on to help children in foster care, hospitals, divorces. I don’t feel there is an age limit, anyone 1-100 can always benefit from a hug, especially the elderly, shut-ins, long term care facilities. Would love to do a phone conversation with you and Jollie, have a couple of ideas. Great job Bonnie Jean. Also loved the illustrations.” (Jason T.)

Heartwarming. “What a heartwarming read! Ironically, before reading this book, I selected a favorite pair of socks this morning to keep my feet warm in this chilly fall weather. Loved the expressions on MacKenzie’s face as she added more and more ways to be hugged. Loved the many brightly colored illustrations of hugging methods. What a positive story for all ages!”  (Loretta C.)

Hugs are Wonderful! “Loved the book. it was sweet and very easy for my grand daughter to understand. hugs come from all around us. Would highly recommend this book to any parent or grand parent.” (Wendy C.)

If God Were an Elephant
5-Star Rating on Amazon

“Highly recommended by a childrens’ librarian.”
“Great Lesson. So Wise.”
“This book needs to be in schools.”
“Important message for young and old”
“Gentle story about learning to listen to other points of view”
“Listening and understanding other’s views”
“Beautifully written and illustrated”
“How to listen and learn”
“Wonderful message for EVERYONE!”

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Highly recommened by a children’s librarian.  “I really love this book! As a children’s librarian, I’m always looking for great read alouds, and this lovely story is just perfect! The illustrations are charming and colorful, the characters are relatable, and there are such good lessons that will foster great discussions. Highly recommended!” (Marsha A.)

This book needs to be in schools.  “This seemingly children’s book has such a profound and important message for all ages. The illustrations and text engage children while the message is so important for us adults as well especially in the day and age of so much division between people. This book needs to be in schools. It would be a great stepping off point for children to talk about differences and coming together to find a common ground!” (Jackson S.)

Ordering another copy to be on my granddaughter’s book shelf!  “This newest book by Bonnie Jean delivers timeless wisdom in terms children can comprehend. Adults, too, can benefit by practicing the truths she shares!” (Gloria C.)

Great book with an awesome concept. “My children and I really enjoyed this book! What a great way to explain this concept. My girls were really excited to get the free coloring pages with the QR code in the back of the book too.” (Heather S.)

 A sweet book about perspective. ...”Helps children understand how differences can be a matter of perspective. It is valuable to look for similarities while being open to other’s ideas. A great reminder for everyone.”  (Elmwood Books)

Fun read about an class parable that makes sense to young minds! “The pictures were colorful and fun and engaging! The characters were relatable and interesting. This is a great story for kids to help learn important lessons and keeps their attention through some complex ideas. Highly recommend!” (Colorado)