MacKenzie’s Thoughts on Hugs

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MacKenzie’s Thoughts on Hugs

MacKenzie shows kids different ways to think about hugs—hugging toes, hands, head, heart, and more. She also asks how you think about hugs. MacKenzie’s Thoughts on Hugs is an interactive book, which makes it an exceptional teaching and learning experience.

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…Introducing The MacKenzie series

MacKenzie—I love this name. I think if I had been able to choose my own name, this is the name I would have chosen. It has a bit of toughness—Mac—for the tomboy I was. It has some lightheartedness—Kenzie—for the woman I would become. And for those moms and dads who could never come up with the correct name to call their children when they were irritated with them, it has its own combination—MacKenzie.

MacKenzie often sees life a bit differently. This book series is about that. It is okay to think and see things a bit differently. It makes you unique. It helps you to find your area of brilliance…where you shine.

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MacKenzie Helps Randy the Reindeer

The next book in the MacKenzie series is MacKenzie Helps Randy the Reindeer, where she comes up with a clever system to help Randy master roof-landing in time for Christmas.

Introducing If God Were an Elephant

This is the first book that actually came to me. I was on vacation with my sisters and my cousins in Hot Springs, Arkansas. I was just resting in the house we had rented, and all of sudden, this book just came into my mind. It’s a book about the importance of friends, learning to listen to each other, valuing each other and everyone’s ideas. It is about learning to see things from different perspectives and how important that skill is throughout your life.

Launching June 2023.
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About the Author

Bonnie Jean is a storyteller. As a writer and photographer, her unique way of looking at life is the basis of every tale she tells. She gets her inspiration from things she sees as she walks through the world or things that come into her life—her own personal adventures. “I try to look at things in different ways,” Bonnie says. “It’s important to see things and experience life from different viewpoints.”

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Dexter Street Books

I grew up on Dexter Street and lived there until I went to college. Dexter Street is where I learned some of my first life lessons. Friends I knew there, at that time, are still my friends today. Their support is my foundation.

Dexter Street was where, as kids, our imaginations grew. We played together, learned together, and grew together. Most important, we laughed together. I hope that my Dexter Street Books bring some of the same joy and learning experiences that my friends and I shared growing up to the children who read them today.