Bonnie Jean, author

Bonnie Jean is a storyteller. As a writer and photographer, her unique way of looking at life is the basis of every tale she tells. She gets her inspiration from things she sees as she walks through the world or from things that come into her life-her own personal adventures. “I try to look at things in different ways,” Bonnie says. “It’s important to see things and experience life from different viewpoints. “She believes that both education and life experiences are important. “Keep an open mind and stay flexible,” she advises, “so you can master the adaptability needed to face and overcome many of life’s challenges. This broad worldview is key to Bonnie’s writings. The first book she wrote, If God Were an Elephant (available in 2023), is all about valuing other points of view in life and how to work together so see the full picture. In her MacKenzie series, Bonnie Jean’s main character, a 6-year-old girl, explores adventurous and fun ways to meet challenges and devise her own solutions. The first book in that series, MacKenzie’s Thoughts on Hugs, was published in October 2021. Bonnie Jean’s distinctive outlook drives her characters to creative thinking when faced with questions or obstacles. And that’s what makes her books so much fun to read!


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